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Success in Interim Management since 1999

We make interim programs that really work


It’s about doing things that make a difference today and tomorrow

Measurable Results

If we can’t measure it, we don’t do it


Tactical decisions backed by agreed strategic goals

Marketing Due Diligence

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics, said Benjamin Disraeli.
But there's also the statements that companies make when they want to impress potential partners.
It's not that they are actively trying to lie, it's just that they can't see the real truth.

Our job is to discover the real truth

We are asked on many occasions to do a full Marketing Due Diligence. We don’t do that! What we do is “A Stare”, a short ,sharp, intense look. This ensures that the key issues can be identified quickly and at a reasonable cost.  

Is it real?

Do they really have the market reach that they claim? How is their social media profile? Do they really have the connections that they claim with magazines, e-zines, TV and radio?


Are they financially stable? Is the management team engaged, or resting on prior glory and not in tune with current trends?

What is their USP?

What  makes them different? Do they have the wit, wisdom, and market reach to make a real difference?

Marketing Key dependencies

All Marketing agencies suggest that they are number 1, the best, the only game in town, with no real competitors. How true is that? Are the on the ascendancy, or leaning on their laurels? We will look at market and financial performance compared with their competition to give a real viewpoint?


Things have changed in Marketing Management - if the old methods don't work - think!

SEO has changed

In a world of pictures and Video, Google is blind, You need to do it differently

6 Seconds is all you've got

So your videos need to be different, your tweets more impactful

Joined up perspective

Inbound marketing is all about having a unified view of prospect behaviour

e-Mail isn't dead as a tool

So why do yours fail?

A car is a car

Take any component away and it ceases to function, so why aren’t your marketing efforts truly interlinked?

Inbound works

By the time that a prospect becomes a “Marketing Qualified Lead”, they are ready to buy-no selling required

Clarity is better than creativity

Are you fed up with Marketing agencies being totally creative and completely unclear?<br> You will get clarity from our interim marketing management, and so will your target market. They will know why you have the right product for them.

Art or Science?

Marketing should be both. One is no use without the other


If you want lots of pretty graphs – fine. We prefer to let the results talk for themselves 

Strategy – the thoughts of Generals

Strategy - from the Greek Strategia "Office or command of a General" and the French stratégie "art of a general"
Good Generals start with an overall mission goal.
Without one, life is a collection of panicked, unplanned tactical actions

Planning requires a viewpoint that looks at all elements

But you have to start with a vision, a goal, an overall objective. Without that, why are you even considering change?

A great strategy is a waste of time unless it is backed up by a consistent, achievable action plan. The actions are as important as the strategy

Many great strategies don’t have a consistent action plan. If the actions are outside the Strategy, how do they help the overall plan? and if the Strategy doesn’t contain actionable elements, it WILL fail

Communication is key

It is a waste of time having a great strategy and action plan if the people who have to carry it out aren’t communicated with. A great strategy is one that is communicated, understood at all levels, and actioned with enthusiasm. So many great strategies fail because the Company just don’t understand what is required of them, or they just see the actions without the overall picture. Telling an army troop to take a hill is all well and good, but telling them to climb a hill to dominate a landscape as part of an overall strategic objective is much, much more powerful

Joined-up thinking

Take the 10,000 ft view. Look for gaps, look for inconsistencies and missed opportunities

Tools like Hubspot aren't the answer

But they do make you think about having a tightly coupled marketing program

Your target is complex

So you have to clarify the complexity. Don’t become complex yourself

Unlinked programs are just a bag of bits

Too much energy and effort is put into creating a great message, which then fails to get the results you want because the delivery mechanism isn’t clear

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